Thankful Thursday

I haven’t done one of these for awhile.
I’m thankful today for:

  • Teampyro. They sent alot of people and good conversation my way this week. It was cheering and I am thankful for the chance to enter into conversation- I hope Dan doesn’t hate me for the fact that I differ so strongly with him. While I think he makes error in his some of his views, I find him to be sincere in his Christianity- I always respect that in a person.
  • that I am finally getting over this horrible cold I had
  • Bonnie @ Intellectuelle- she is hardworking and encouraging and I like her vision.
  • I am thankful to finally be moving along in the tasks that my mothers move here entailed- and that she is happy with her new lodgings
  • I like fall- I’m thankful for the many pleasures of the season
  • my children have been generally cooperative- thanks be to God because I sure get no credit
  • I saw a dragonfly close up today- it was one of the chartreuse colored types. I am always thankful for the wonder of the creation being brought to my close attention.
  • I hate to be into food, but I have been lately- I was really thankful for the Panera Bread meal I had the other day- I am still thankful for it…so thankful that I would like to be even more thankful by getting a replay on that meal.

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Thankful Thursday

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