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Like A Vapor

I just noticed that Internet Monk passed away on April 5th. Many of us had known he was fighting a battle with cancer, but I had not seen that he has since left this “vale of tears”. For so it is, when suffering with disease and pain. I had wondered what had become of another blogger with whom I had interacted with more than with Michael Spenser, Michele McGinty of Reformed Chicks Blabbing, and found that she is now fighting a downhill battle with cancer. I pray for her to have a miracle… the world has been better for her presence in it.

Join me in praying for her recovery, will you?

Truly, life is but a vapor, but there is no reason to see it burn out too early in the day.

My Beautiful Baskets

Arrived! Today the baskets were delivered via FedEx, dispatched quickly and packaged neatly. I will have to take a picture of them this weekend… and post! They really are so pretty, and the cards that came with them describe three of the weavers. I do hope this program is helping the women as much as it says- to think that you are so easily improving the lives of women and children by giving them opportunity to use their native crafts is very heartwarming, and getting artistic and useful baskets as well…well, it’s just good.

The product is lovely, that’s for sure!