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Correct Choice of Words

So little time, so much to say. That might be the motto of many of us, especially of bloggers, or maybe it is just noticeable in bloggers -especially by other bloggers? Crafting our word choices is often a lost art, and perhaps why we so easily miscommunicate. Then there is the truncated ability to decode actual word meanings (which could inspire a digression into the state of today’s education degeneration).

I noticed this in the brouhaha engendered by Pyromaniacs set of posts on “Manly Men” and More Thoughts on Effeminate Evangelicalism . In carefully reading through the first post, I began to think that the author wasn’t really describing “effeminate” with its (rightly) criticized “homophobic” connotations, as he was something that the word “effete” might better have defined. But then it might have been more precise and not aroused the ire of those who resent the implications and connotations of the word “effeminate”. Unmanliness just has such a cultural buzz right now.

I weighed in on how we are inflecting the gospel.

Et-Elle Topic

Wrote a post @ How Sex Influences God’s Message.

No feedback yet. We think our views on sex and gender are in a separate category from our religious life, and how we express the gospel and ourselves often is full of mixed messages. I wonder how much of our own understanding of God and of how we should live our lives is influenced by our need to rationalize our thinking on the conflicting ideas vying for attention in our own minds?

I briefly touched on the label that some use: “Gay Christian”. Almost always, the gay identity trumps the Christian one. They don’t peacefully coexist within the person claiming them nor in our reception of the idea. But neither do some of our heterosexual actions or traditional role models. Case in point: the new “manly man” testosterone pumped Christianity. The theological doctrines work backwards to try and support the view promoted in recasting gender based role modeling and lifestyle. Which was the original contention of the post that inspired mine, by ‘The Heresy Hunter Hunters‘.

Points of Light Lights Up Christmas

Remember that Points of Light’s James Jordan offers his photos as prints for sale. He graciously provides lots of photo taking tips to improve your own photography efforts. And guess what? you can have your own desktop wallpaper from his gorgeous photos- see his site for directions and to dress up your desktop today
clipped from
Post processing (in Photoshop Elements 6.0): Orton processing applied. Vignetting and gaussian blur added. Photo of blurred golden lights layered over the photo and blended via “soft light” setting and 25% opacity. Layer over tree and bucket selected, feathered and deleted. Lens flare added to light bulbs. Adjusted brightness and contrast.
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