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What In The World Am I Doing?

That question could take all sorts of tones.

I feel more in control, while at the same time less controlling; which I think is the natural turn of that correlation. controlling people are that way often because they feel so insecure about how little control they have in their lives. It seems to be a way of achieving sense and order inside a very chaotic existence.

But the more sense one makes of life, the less need to orchestrate everything, and manipulate. Oh yes, I like it!

To be my usual didactic self…

  • I am putting together my plans of resuming the age-old efforts at decluttering.
  • Tightening up my blogging plans and efforts, which hallelujah, means more posts
  • Paying more attention to the world of stocks, hoping to make up for the fact that I have not had a paying job for the majority of life as a SAHM
  • Finishing up my homeschooling career this coming year
  • Changing my life. Focus on exercise, eating better, drawing- then painting, reviving spiritual life.

This starts to sound like a list of New Years resolutions, doesn’t it? Perhaps it is the influence of Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur, which fall in September, thereabouts. We think we change times and seasons in the modern age… but we don’t really. The times of sowing and harvest, of moons and observations somehow remain and exert their influence even when we blithely ignore them.

Better to celebrate, to flow within the natural course of life, then always reinvent. Just as a general statement, mind you?

Fragments of Info

Copper Currency Standard?

While India is trying to accumulate gold reserves, China is going one step forward by buying up industrial metals on a scale that appears beyond the usual commercial reasons. Some believe Beijing may have made a strategic decision to stockpile metal as an alternative to US Treasuries and dollar holdings as it safeguards China’s industrial revolution, while the West may one day face a supply crisis.”

…maybe you should hold on to those pennies?

Making bone from wood … a promising new technology:
“Bones from wood could soon be opening up a new branch of medical science.”

Ok, now I wonder if this says anything about fossilization… or is that something totally different?

A couple of ads made the news. Maybe you heard of the German lingerie ad? That one could start conversations on many levels. Not the particular ones that people are presently talking about, which concerns Muslim veils indicating certain moral codes. No, I would want to talk about women and their identity in Islamic culture. I mean think about Harems of the past few centuries… power struggles and women competing with sensual and sexual currency. What gets covered up with moral veils in their culture and PC illusions of feminist ideals in ours is still a hot topic.

Then there was the use of President Obama’s photo in the billboard ad. I do think that is a big deal, actually. It just isn’t kosher, know what I mean? Yes, I know it is old news already. The only thing I can say for the company is that it was such a tempting thing… the President really is as good looking as any model and the picture of the wall of China and all…. it really would have been difficult not to use it to advantage. But it wasn’t proper to give into the temptation. About the best thing they can do is be thankful for all the attention they got, and gracefully take down the ads.

Just little things that caught my attention… til later, friends.